Tease of the Day: Nissan's New GT-R Logo; Car Will Be Built at Tochigi Plant

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As Carlos "The Jackal" Ghosn presided over the opening ceremonies of Nissan's new global design studio at the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan yesterday he offered a quickie tease worthy of the best Las Vegas talent (and we don't mean Wayne Newton). Addressing the crowd, Mr Ghosn said of the company's new GT-R: "The all-new GT-R will be built at our Tochigi assembly plant ... and its unique, highly specialized, high-performance engine will be built at our Yokohama engine plant." While the speech gives away nearly nothing related to the GT-R's long-speculated mechanicals (twin-turbo V6? V8? Bell Ranger helicopter turbine?), he did offer a revamped logo badge. Oh well. Only nine months till the Tokyo show.

[via NAIOC]

Spy Video: 2008 Nissan GT-R on the 'Ring [internal]

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My bet is on a VQ37HR+TT - the new G35/350GT High-Revving VQ with a larger stroke and/or bore + Twin Turbo.

With Nissan offering a VQ35DE+SC on the 350Z GT-S, one can imagine that they need to put something a little more "special" in the New Godzilla! :-D