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Taxi Drivers Shut Down The City Demanding Uber To Be Banned In Budapest

Illustration for article titled Taxi Drivers Shut Down The City Demanding Uber To Be Banned In Budapest

Funny enough, the taxi drivers say they’ll keep protesting as long as Uber is available on the App Store and Google Play.


Licensed taxi drivers are heavily regulated in Budapest, and decided to block the city claiming that as long as Uber drives don’t have to comply with the same rules, they’ll consider their activities to be illegal and demand the government to shut them down for good.

The protestors currently only let the emergency services through, forcing buses and other drivers to take a detour.

Can you spot Gawker’s previous Budapest office in there?

Photo credit: Drone Media Studio and Szily via 444.


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I was in Budapest in 2012 for a couple of days. The cab driver tried to charge us $200.00 USD for a ten minute ride from the train station to a hotel. I refused to pay and a massive argument ensued. The hotel staff tried to help. I ended up giving him $30.00 and told him to call the cops if he wanted.

This experience isn’t unique to Budapest, I’ve had similar ones in Romania and Italy. I don’t know how Uber’s pricing compares to taxis, but for me any additional cost would be well worth it to avoid unpleasant situations like above.