The Tac-V JAMMA V-22 is the only armor-ready, four occupant, hybrid, high performance off-road vehicle in the world that can fit inside a V-22 Osprey VTOL airplane. Also, it looks badass.

"A Hybrid?" I hear you say, "That can't be badass." Well, the military is less concerned about scoring some sweet eco-chick tail and more worried about the amount of gas it uses in remote operating theaters. Not because it can't afford to pay for fill-ups, but because refueling in a war zone can be a tactical nightmare. Thanks to the diesel/electric hybrid, the JAMMA makes 398lb/ft of torque at just 1,800 RPM and can travel up to 450 miles on the ground to teach terrorists a lesson thanks to a combined fuel economy of 21 MPG. The odd proportions aren't just designed to squeeze into an Osprey, but also to allow a 360-degree field of fire for the bed-mounted machine guns.

A visionary project dating back to 2005, the TAC-V Joint All-Terrain Modular Mobility Asset (JAMMA) family of vehicles has been developed to be a genuine technology leap over existing military armored all-terrain vehicles in performance, modular functionality and overall capabilities.

The TAC-V JAMMA V-22 ITV variant, the foundation cornerstone of the JAMMA family of vehicles, has been built to satisfy the requirements of special operations user groups. Engineered with the multi-mission, multi-functional V-22 Osprey in mind, the JAMMA V-22 ITV variant is the only armor ready, four occupant, hybrid, high performance off road vehicle in existence that is capable of being internally transported inside that aircraft.

In addition to a multitude of vehicle configurations available in the 60" wide V-22 ITV variant, an 80" wide, extreme off-road performance suspension is available on the same core vehicle, which maximizes the internal cargo space of the H-53 and H-47 aircraft. This wider suspension variant - the JAMMA RECONDO variant - has greatly enhanced off-road performance and load carrying capabilities. The overall functionality, frontline deliverability and performance capabilities of these two variations of the same core JAMMA vehicle greatly surpass any existing vehicle in this size and class.

Some of the unique features of the JAMMA family of vehicles include an armor attachment system that allows threat specific armor to be easily and readily attached to or removed from the vehicle in virtually any environment; stadium seating that allows the driver to be comprehensively armored while also preventing the driver from blocking the fire arcs of the other vehicle occupants; and, optimized occupant roll-over protection with full fields of fire on the move.

In addition to all of its other beneficial attributes, the TAC-V JAMMA V-22 ITV variant is available with a diesel/JP8 engine, or, with a state of the art hybrid driveline that optimizes the vehicle's efficiency and generates 25kW continuous exportable power.

* Width: 60 in. (basic V-22 variant)
* Height: 60 in. (basic V-22 variant)
* Gross Vehicle Weight: 7,500
* Payload: 3,000
* Engine: 6 cyl. Turbo Diesel, Hybrid Electric Motor
* Horsepower: 214 (Diesel), 100 (Hybrid-Electric)
* Torque: 398 lb. ft. @ 1800 RPM
* Drivetrain: 4 wheel drive
* Exportable Power Capacity: 25kW
* Miles per gallon: 21 (targeted across all drive circles)
* Max Road Range (Miles): 450
* Sustainable Highway Speed at GVW: 90 mph
* Operational elevation before performance degradation: Up to 10,000 ft. ASL
* Operational Ambient Temperature range: -30 deg F to 135 deg F