Tata Will Build An Entry-Level SUV Based On The Land Rover LR2

Land Rover already builds LR2s in India using knock-down kits, but parent company Tata will get to second base by developing an entry-level premium SUV for the Indian market using Land Rover's technology.

India's The Economic Times reports that the market study for the car codenamed 'Q5' was nearing its completion and a team of 45 engineers headed by Karl Heinz Servos, Project Director for Joint Projects at Tata Motors is leading the project.


Badged as a Tata and based on the Freelander 2's (LR2 to us) platform, the SUV will be significantly different than the Land Rover due to new parts and extensive modifications in order for it to work on Indian roads. It's also expected to have a 5+2 seater layout.

Hat tip to indianautosblog! Photo credit: Getty Images

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