Tata Looking At Buying Hummer, Jokes Write Themselves

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Okay, sooner or later Tata is going to have to stop making headlines, 'cause we're really, really trying to cut back on the innuendo. But today we get news that Tata is considering purchasing the brand GM may be trying to shed, Hummer. And even with our newfound restraint, we have to admit we had a mild aneurysm at the innuendo potential. Nobody from either the GM or Tata side is willing to make a comment on the possible sale, but word is that GM is shopping the brand around to the Indian mega-conglomerate. This makes us wonder, how does Tata greenwash itself when it builds a tiiiiiiny car, and a giant, gas-guzzling SUV? Well, we're sure they'll figure it out — Hummer tatas! [India Times]

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Rob Emslie

They could combine both truck brands into LandHummeRover. And then, in a wicked brand melange, you could Land a hummeRover her Tatas with she Jags you off.

Okay, I'll stop now.