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Just more than a year ago the Tata Nano was unveiled to the world and following farmer revolts, wildly fluctuating material prices and the Carpocalypse, Tata is claiming the car will finally launch March 23rd.


According to Tata, production will launch from two existing plants and deliver about 3,000 cars a month to dealerships throughout India. The alternate production facilities were necessary following at-times violent protests from rural West Bengal farmers who believed they're been unfairly compensated for their land. The volume for the cars is low considering the outrageous demand for the little cars, but production will ramp up by the end of the year, when the new permanent Nano plant in Gujarat is completed and opened for business.


In additional news, because of the nonsensical strengthening of the US dollar, the previously $2,500 Nano has dropped in price below $2,000, though in India it will still start at 1 lakh, or 100,000 rupees. Now you can buy one for each day of the work week for about the same money as the Hyundai Accent. [AN Sub. Req.]

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