Porsche 911 GT America: Smells like vinyl and automotive cleaner. Taste is faint, but revolting. Tastes primarily like old socks, with hints of rubber and grit in the mix. Has a numbing effect on the tongue once done.

The varmint has been entirely cleaned up now, so it does not taste at all like possum.


Also, I'm done with the "if I lick it, it's mine" joke. Done. Completely done. Licking cars is gross and it tastes revolting. I'm not sure I can feel my all of tongue anymore.

Don't lick race cars, especially if they were freshly cleaned. I don't recommend it. I'm putting these tasting notes out there for informational purposes only. As far as a culinary experience goes, these cars should come with big Mr. Yuk stickers and "DO NOT EAT" disclaimers on the entry list.

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