The race to the bottom continues as Bengal Enamel's Tara International will be teaming with Chinese company Aucma to produce a sub-sub-1-lakh car called the Tara Tiny. Yes, the little-known company seeks to lakh-block the Tata Nano by building a range of electric powered two- and four-seat cars starting at a rock bottom price of 99,000 Indian Rupees, 999 Rupees less than the price media outlets originally reported. With a grand total of 35 moving parts and a range of 100 km, the Tiny should be an urban drivers dream come true β€” low maintenance costs, eight hour recharge time via a 250 V outlet, and no need for costly speeding tickets (it only goes about 30 mph).

The best β€” or worst β€” part of this story is the Tara Tiny is being considered for export to the US. You know, cause we need even slower cars in the fast lane clogging up the works. Judging from these images of the car which makes the jokes come both small and easy, the Tiny will corner the market for families looking to haul their tired kids around (har har har). (Hat tip to Dhiram!) [NewLaunches]