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While conservative car guy Mark Tapscott says essentially the same thing as Peter DeLorenzo and Robert Farago in terms of Ford's dealings with special interest groups, we have to say that we don't agree with Tapscott's assertion that that Ford "completely caved." They're doing what they should be doing, which is making amends for listening to fascist nutjobs who would love nothing more than to stamp out any trace of queerness in the culture.

While we've commented that they're making an obvious face-saving move, and the whole thing looks kind of questionable however one looks at it, we'd rather have Ford supporting gay and lesbian causes than not, because when an old-line company so prominent in the nation's history and culture takes a stand for the queer community, it's a landmark. Playing politics might not be smart business sometimes, but at that level, politics is business and business is politics. If Ford's gonna "cave" one way or another, we'd much rather have them do so in favor of the gay community.

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