Talk To The Wildest ATV Pilot And Off-Road Movie Makers Here, Live!

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A year ago, Mad Media shot pretty much the craziest ATV stunt movie ever. Last week, they took it to the next level with a sequel. Now the driver, producers, and directors of "XP1K2" are here in the comments to answer your questions!


Here's who's online:

RJ Anderson Multi-Time Off-Road Racing Champion. Races Pro2 and Pro-Lite trucks at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Current 2014 Pro2 Rookie Of The Year. Factory Polaris Racer in the WORCS racing series. The face of Polaris RZR.

Joey DiGiovanni Co-Producer of XP1K2 and CEO of, the largest UTV portal on the web.

The Martelli Brothers Brains behind off-road video and event powerhouse Mad Media. Produced and directed XP1K2. Own and help run the Mint 400 Desert Race and get involved in all kinds of off-road events.

If you've managed to miss the incredible movies we're talking about, watch XP1K2 right now:

And here's last year's film, XP1K, to watch while you're at it.

Scroll on down and drop in your questions about off-road, ATVs, shooting this crazy shit, or anything else you can think of!


Matt Hardigree

I've moved from Texas to Central Virginia to Brooklyn. Is there a better vehicle for escaping the city (perhaps a zombie attack) than a UTV? Also, can we test this theory anytime soon?