Takeo That! Honda Announces Product Plan for Rest of Decade

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A 200-mph Accord for 2007, a new model that runs on positive thoughts for 2008 and a diesel engine so clean it emits only blue jays and peat moss for 2009. Honda's product plan for the next several years, according to its CEO Takeo Fukui, isn't quite as radical as all that. In fact, it's mostly dead on with the loose talk over the past several months, with a couple of surprises: a new Accord for the US, and the opening of Acura's new Los Angeles design center in 2007; the launch of its FCX fuel-cell car lease program in 2008, and the introduction of its clean diesel, as well as a brand new economy-minded hybrid model — cheaper than the Civic hybrid — for 2009. Further, a new, seven-seat crossover will debut in Japan for 2007, though plans for export are unclear. Still no word on ASIMO's condition.


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