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Business snafus and lawsuits aside, Hennessey's hauling out the latest among its tuned Dodge Viper models — the 800R. Apparently, the team's stopped worrying so much about breaking four figures in horsepower, in favor of doing more with fewer moving parts. Gone is the 1,000-hp turbocharged twin-turbo air sucker of the Viper Venom 1000; in its place they've installed a naturally aspirated, 810-hp, 10-liter stomper that's good for 2.9 seconds in zero-to-60 mph timeage, and a quarter-mile clock of 10.88 seconds at 136 mph. Performance, they say, is nearly equal to the previous Hennessey Viper Venom model, though top speed is estimated at 230 mph, down from an estimated 255. At 5,500 rpm, the 800R sucks down five times the amount of fuel as a stock Viper, though fewer birds and roadside critters than the Venom. It'll make its debut tomorrow at SEMA.

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