It’s so rare that we see aerial onboards with any decent visibility at all, but this footage from aboard an L-13 Blaník glider will show you the full lay of the land. It’s so calming when you’re just enjoying the view from the plane. Enjoy.

This glider was flying out of the Sutiski Airfield in the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine, according to the video’s description on YouTube. The L13 Blaník is a glider commonly used for flight instruction, and as such, Anatolii Kushnir is named as the flight instructor.

The RoadToTheSky YouTube channel has several more onboards with similarly expansive views out of planes and gliders. There’s something bizarrely calming about these aerial views that I hope you enjoy, too.

Bonus: here’s one that shows the glider being towed along for a launch.