Porsche doesn't need a flux capacitor to turn back time. It's got a shop where the most haggard, wrung-out and beaten-down members of the vast Stuttgart diaspora can be rebuilt and rejuvenated. Welcome to Porsche Classic. Don't step on any 959s, please.


As JF Musial points out in the latest episode of Driven, the legacy of Porsche is as important to the brand as its current car line. And that's why the Porsche Classic program — where owners of significant pre-1992 models can have their cars restored, often by the same people who built them — exists. It's also the division that manages the supply of replacement parts to maintain Porsche road cars older than 10 years out of production. Fun fact: 70% of all Porsches ever built are still on the road.

It also seems like a pretty good way to rake in some extra scratch from well-heeled collectors, while assuring important cars are preserved for posterity.


Imagine if GM did the same thing for Corvettes?

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