Take A Lap Of The Monaco Grand Prix Track In An Original Silver Arrow

Yeah, the Monaco Grand Prix is great and all now, but the real glory days were back before the War, when many of the legends were still being created. Legends like the Auto Union Silver Arrows, pounding through the streets of Monte Carlo. And now you can ride onboard with another legend.

That second legend, by the way, is just a wee bit younger than the car he's driving, and that's because he's six-time Le Mans winner, eight-time Grand Prix winner, and one-time Dakar Rally winner Jacky Ickx. Also, he's Belgian.


Racing back in the 1930s was only slightly different, in the way that the SpaceX Dragon is only slightly different from the original Wright Flyer. Ickx looks like he's basically manhandling the beast around the track, with that big steering wheel facing him right up front. There aren't any buttons on it, either, weirdly enough.

And the way that tach constantly swings around serves as a constant reminder that these aren't the high-tech robots of today, controllable by computer.


It was pure, mechanical greatness.

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