Road America is a four mile ribbon of asphalt carefully placed right smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin. It's probably the greatest natural terrain road course in all of North America. This is what it's like when you go around it at speeds that aren't at all possible.

This video was taken from the roof of a VW Jetta before the SCCA Runoffs. It's sped up to a point where the 4 mile lap is completed in just one minute.

It's pretty freakin' cool, and even faster than when Champ Cars used to take on the track earlier in the 2000s.

(The video says it's a 400 MPH lap, but thanks to the math fiends in the comments, I've been alerted that it's actually 240 MPH average, although I'm betting they meant they hit "400" on a straight. Still damn fast.)

(Hat Tip to Sito!)