Lewis Hamilton’s New Contract Is Reportedly Worth $13 Million More Than LeBron James’ per Year

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton just signed another two years of his career to Mercedes, which hasn’t been as dominant as usual lately but evidently isn’t hurting financially because of it. Reports say Hamilton will make up to $51.9 million per year through 2020, or way more than LeBron James’ contract.

UK Tabloid Publishes Headline On 'Lewis Hamilton' Police Chase But Omits Important Detail: It's Not The F1 Driver

A 20-year-old driver named Lewis Hamilton recently got sentenced to eight months in jail and a temporary ban from driving after a police chase in March, according to the Daily Star. He’s not the Lewis Hamilton most of us are familiar with, not that the Daily Star’s headline would’ve keyed you into that.

F1 Drivers More Likely To Hit Each Other If They Are Both Contenders: Study

Formula One drivers are more likely to run into each other on the race track if they’re similar in age, social status and competition results, according to a new study that looked at five decades of crashes. It’s like a big game of “I’m cooler than you are,” funded by teams with annual budgets in the $500-million…

F1's Hamilton Doesn't Want The 'BS Surrounding The Topic' Of Kneeling During The Anthem To Drag Him Down

Three-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton told the press that he doesn’t have any plans to kneel during the anthem in protest of the oppression of black Americans, as many football players are doing this year. He also refuses to let the controversy surrounding the topic keep him from winning a fourth world…