It's been less than four months since we put the Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R through its paces and already Switzer is testing a racing fuel-powered version, the 850 HP+ Switzer R850.

The "R" in R850, as you might guess, is for the "race fuel." We wonder if the "P" in P800 means "pump" or "plebeian." The 850 HP and 820 lb-ft numbers are the assumed amount at the crank given the dyno numbers, which show about 740 AWHP and 715 lb-ft. If you've got a GT-R and are itching to throw all warranty concerns to the wind, the package runs about $20,900 and includes the tunes for both pump and race gas, as well as a larger dual-core radiator, thermostat, and Switzer MONSTER intercoolers.

And if you can't handle the power, there's always this thing to save you.


[Source: Switzer]