Switzer GT-R Hits Record 191 MPH In Standing Mile

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A Switzer Nissan GT-R made a 191 MPH "official" standing mile pass at the Milemarker-1, setting a speed record for an R35 for that distance. The same month, another Switzer GT-R achieved a record quarter-mile speed.

Having reviewed the vehicle, we're not surprised it was capable of such a run given the 700 HP it's making at all wheels. We're also not surprised one of the company's customers achieved a record for the quarter-mile with an R35 trap speed of 141 MPH in back-to-back runs. This is Godzilla on speed.


Switzer GTRs Blister Tracks Across the Globe

October has been a busy month for Switzer Performance. After kicking off a 1-2-3 finish at the Moscow Unlimited, the company's tuned GTR Nissans posted record-breaking results (for an R35) in standing mile and dragstrip events in Miami, Moscow, and the company's home state of Ohio.

First up was last weekend's Milemarker-1, a standing mile event in Miami that saw one customer's GTR reach an official 191 mph in the standing mile, despite the extreme humidity and sweltering track temperatures of the Florida Everglades – conditions not usually kind to turbocharged cars.

Next came word of a similarly spectacular quarter-mile pass from one of Switzer's Russian GTR customers – a 10.193 second pass at over 133 mph.

One-hundred and thirty-three miles per hour in a quarter mile, while fast, is still shy of the unofficial R35 trap speed record (10.48 @ 134.3 mph). With that trap speed in mind, another Switzer customer offered to take his car out to Ohio's Dragway 42 for on open test and tune … and recorded back-to-back passes in excess of 141 mph! (141.41 and 141.51, respectively)

Tym Switzer is, understandably, very excited about the car's performances, saying that "it's been an amazing couple of weekends here for us. We really just went to the mile event to see what the car would do, and were excited to break into the 190's in those conditions. The really exciting thing for us, I think, is that all of these numbers were generated by customer cars, with off-the-shelf kits, being driven by their owners. No ringer cars or ringer drivers – that 141 speed was even on all-season tires. I don't know if you can call any of these runs 'official' or 'records', but one this is for sure: these cars are rockets! It's been a great October for the shop and the R35 platform. I couldn't be happier or more proud of everyone's performance these couple of weeks."

Switzer's R35 GTR tuning packages are available now through Switzer Performance dealers. Contact Switzer for more.

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Ash78, voting early and often

I think we've finally found the ultimate mod combo for the GT-R: 191mph and 15 frame-per-second video. She's a beauty! #nissangtr