Swiss hippies involved in The Young Green Party have collected 120,000 signatures to validate legislation aimed at banning SUVs, off-road vehicles and sports cars. The referendum on the topic will be held within 18 months and, as far as we can tell, is the most anti-fun, anti-free-market steaming pile of proposal ever considered. This, of course, would be a terrible blow for the likes of Swiss tuners Rinspeed, who build cars pretty much strictly from that list.Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Not only would this proposal be terrible for Rinspeed, but consider all those diplomats hanging around Geneva for their big conventions? And the vacationers skiing in the Alps? What are they to do for transit? Drive Twingos? We like to think the Swiss are level-headed enough to vote down this garbage and allow the free market to decide the fate of Swiss motoring. But then again, these are the same people who brought you the chocolate Audi TT. [NYTimes]