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Okay, so here's something we've thrown in the old wonder machine: Sweet Peet D., when he went to work as some sort of a consultant to Chrysler, stopped posting at Autoextremist. Then, when his tenure ended, he ramped the site back up again. He's made no bones about advertising his consultancy services on the site. But here's where it gets sticky: he took on Chrysler last week.

Chrysler Group town-crier Jason Vines offered a rebuttal, which Peter took a shot back at (and, for the first time in Jalopnik's nearly two-year history, wrote to notify us about). As for the aforementioned stickiness? Peter has now written a bit for Ford's "Bold Moves" site defending the American auto industry.

One other item of note. While due to our hectic publishing schedule, we routinely make on-the-fly corrections to spelling and punctuation errors, if we make a big mess, we offer up a correction. On the other hand, after we posted about Peter's response to Vines, he went back and changed his post rather significantly, noting that Vines originally posted his comments on (Chrysler's media-only blog) rather than posting them here on Jalopnik, as he had originally reported (we merely reposted what Vines had written). Unfortunately, we don't have a transcript of Peter's original post to compare with the new one, which leaves us with a lack of evidence. But trust us, he changed it.

So now we have him writing stuff for Ford while using his own site to pick on a crosstown automaker who once employed him. When people complain consistently about a lack of transparency and consistency and then don't exhibit it themselves, there's only one thing to do: cue "Things That Make You Go 'Hm?'" and mash play on the throttle.


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