Ford's B.M. — Webisode I: "Change, Die Or Be Pooped On"

Mark "movie star" Fields now has his big-budget action flick — where he can show his pluckiness, his spunk, his grit and determination. Or at the very least it's a place where Fields can make the case for Ford being an "underdog." We'll let you make the call on the veracity of that statement yourself. The prologue's great — it's like a making of the making of the making of Bold Moves. But it's the first webisode where Bold Moves strikes the purest of gold. Our favorite quotes from the first of 20 parts come from a gentleman named Calvin Stephenson, a man proud of his connection to Ford and Cliff Sword, an auto mechanic from Dearborn.


Take a gander at the video above and then hit the jump to hear our fave quotes and commentary from our main men, Calvin and Cliff:

"My father worked for Fords(sic), I worked for Fords...I uhh...I retired from Fords."


Right, well — he probably wouldn't be a retiree right now if Ford hadn't needed to shutter a factory or two. Later on, Calvin continues:

"Ford Motor Company! Five dollars a day! They come up here, like 1905, 1906...they come up here a ways, man — to get the job. Ford helped the people — on both sides of the fence."

We can only assume, if the documents from a couple weeks ago are true, that Calvin means Ford's helping people on both sides of the US border — you know, white collar workers in Dearborn and blue collar workers in Mexico.

But let's hear from Cliff:

"Ford. Who's gonna support America. Period. When it's all gone?"

Oh wait — maybe Cliff's just got his punctuation wrong...maybe it should be more like this:

"[Bill] Ford, who's gonna support America...when it's all gone?"

We can only imagine what the answer will be, Cliff — we can only imagine. Especially given FoMoCo's penchant for dropping big-selling vehicles like the Fusion into Mexican plants. But really, Cliff won't have to worry — he's a mechanic — and there'll still be cars for him to service — just mostly from Dearborn execs and not so much from blue collar folks.


Boy, we can't hardly wait until the next webisode! In fact, we're going to create a special tag just for these webisodes — to make a "Bold Move" ourselves it'll be called "BM Documentary" — so follow along as we watch this special documentary...all about B.M.

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