Something Rotten in Detroit: AutoExtremist And Jason Vines Spar On Incentives

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Sweet Peet D. is at it again. This time he's taking the shine off of GM's recent buyout news and claiming it's not as rosy picture that most news outlets are reporting. The reason? Detroit's latest round of price-slashing is proof that the big three are still addicted to incentives. At least this time GM understands that a sale shouldn't last forever, says Sweet Peet D., but we're still holding our breath until it ends — incentives have a way of sticking around. But wait, wait — Sweet Peet ain't stopping there...


...just yet. Who's he going after next? Why none other than that German-American hybrid of a multi-national, DaimlerChrysler. Specifically, he's taking Chrysler (or Dodge, or the entire Chrysler Group or maybe even Plymouth — we can't keep track as he mixes ad messages from the different brands in his rant) to task for using Dieter Zetsche as its new spokesman — claming a concept of German engineering married to American heritage (the word on the street is that's the direction the ads will take) not only won't work, but it'll probably backfire as Chrysler Group tries to sell its newest incentives program.

Guess who's not gonna take this one laying on the floor? That's right kids, it's our friendly neighborhood Spider-PR-Man, Jason Vines, swinging in to aid his boss. Vines, on a post on the media-only Firehouse blog had the following little comment we think speaks for itself sans our own spin:

Peter, Peter, Dieter Eater Posted Jun 28, 2006, 16:44 PM by Jason Vines

Peter DeLorenzo, who runs the website, has written something that's extremely lame. I would return his criticism in private however his blog is very public, and so I'm doing it publicly. He blasted Dieter and us for an upcoming ad campaign, which he said debuted today, Wednesday, June 28.

First, Peter, get your facts straight. We show the media the campaign on Friday morning. Second, if you're going to criticize an ad campaign, at least have the courtesy to see it first, otherwise your criticism is based on ignorance. C'mon Peter, you can do better than that. That was so Jayson Blair—now that's


We love us a good automotive slap fight late on a Wednesday afternoon...

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