Swedish Man Found After Being Stuck In His Snow Covered Car For Two Months

A Swedish man was rescued on Friday after being trapped by snow in his car (not pictured above) for two months. Amazingly the man was alive, although according to TheLocal.se he was "seriously emaciated and barely able to speak or move" when he was found.

Two snowmobilers went to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned car parked at the end of a forest track near the Swedish town of Umeå. The pair was amazed to see movement and find the man trapped inside when they cleared snow from the car.


Exactly how the man got stuck, why he was at the end of a forest track to begin with or how the car was undisturbed for such an extended period of time are unknown. What we do know is that around two months is generally considered to be the longest a human can survive without food, making this Swedish man very lucky to be alive.

Although he was admitted to an Intensive Care unit, the trapped man is expected to make a full recovery. Something tells us he will not be taking any snowy drives through the woods once he does.

Hat tip to Per Bjore-Dahl!
(Photo Credit: xuenay)
[The Local]

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