Swedish Cops Deny Drag Race Between Officer And Hyundai

Police in Jordbrolänken, Sweden have come under fire after a video surfaced that purports to show a drag race between a cop car and another motorist just south of Stockholm. But was it really a race?


Sweden's The Local reports that the video was first published by the newspaper Expressen, and they claimed it shows an officer pull alongside another vehicle before the two race off while a crowd cheers on. The area has been "notorious" for street races in the past, they say, and now the officers are facing a backlash for participating in the race.

But the head of police in the area says he's seen the video, and only sees two cars driving away. Other motorists have come forward to support that claim as well, telling Aftonbladet that the officer wasn't engaged in any sort of race.


I found the video of the event on YouTube. I gotta tell you, if this is what passes for a "street race" in Sweden, then they have a drastically different definition of the term than we do. If it was, it was the slowest, most boring, most polite drag race in human history. "Officer caught drag racing" makes a good headline, but I'm all but certain this one is BS. Frankly, it looks like he just pulled up and had words with the Hyundai, and then left.

What do you think? Was this a fast and furious contest of speed between the cop and that Hyundai, or was he just passing through?

Hat tip to Richard!

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Is it just me or are European police cars sexier looking than any fleets of Crown Vics, Chargers, Tauruses, and Caprices?