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Suzuki to Bring Swift Back to US: Will the GTi Follow?

Illustration for article titled Suzuki to Bring Swift Back to US: Will the GTi Follow?

According to Automotive News, Suzuki will bring its next-generation Swift minicar to the US at the dawn of next decade. It'll be a version of the higher-performance Swift hatch like the ones sold in Europe. That car's about the size of the Mini, and will hopefully be the relative bruiser as was the GTi was back in the 1990s. We seem to remember Car and Driver voting it the best car for bicyclists, or something like that, in a manner both completely complimentary and entirely without irony.


Spy Photos: Suzuki Swift GTi [internal]

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I was always amazed how many drivers of riced out Civics and Integras would stop and stare at my basically stock '89 GTi, or even roll down their window and ask what it is and where it came from. I saved mine from impending doom by throwing $1800 at a restorer who was about to put the DOHC 1300 in a grey market pre-BMW Mini. It felt like driving a very thin fishbowl, and I wondered about my manhood whenever I shifted gears (ever seen a Mk2 Swift's shifter?)... but it was still the most fun car I've owned thus far. The seats alone were beyond Recaro, and the door panel had a knee groove worn into it. Despite being FWD, it'd oversteer on command (or do 360s on exit ramps if the road was wet enough), and it was surprisingly quick while still getting 33mpg or so.

But, to most people (like the two proud sistas getting out of the G-wagen next to me at a Chuck Brown show), it was completely misunderstood. "Why... [uncontrollable laughter]... why dude put a alarm on a... a... [more laughter] mf'n GEO? [even more laughter]"