Suzuki-Powered Super Kart

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How to kill yourself in four easy steps:

1) Move to Germany. 2) Find an old 125cc Shifter Kart Chassis and a 120hp GSXR1100 lump. 3) Weld, fabricate hammer and wedge the two together. 4) Actually try to drive it. Specs and video link after the jump.


This particular death trap weighs 130kg (or about 65kg less than the bike that the engine came out of). It has tiny little disc brakes and normal shifter kart slicks. It does the 0-60 sprint in well under 3 seconds and is claimed to do 170 km/h with your ass about two inches from the asphalt. [To our US readers so heniously alienated by our cut-and-paste hack-job use of the metric system, the thing weighs 286.6 pounds, or 143.3 lbs less than the bike — and the top speed is 105.6 miles per hour.]


Gixxerkart video [GPrime]

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