Suzuki Breaks Up With Detroit Auto Show, Needs Some Space

Suzuki has joined Porsche in abandoning the Detroit Auto Show, though explicitly this time because of a lack of space. Seriously, have you ever driven through Cobo Arena? Tiny place. They have to put cars on the roof it's so small. This is bad news for Detroit, considering the NAIAS already threatened to leave if they didn't get an expanded convention center. Since it's freaking winter and we're covering it, may we suggest somewhere warmer like Miami? And what's more, why does Suzuki need any extra room?


Though the company sells a scant 100K cars in the US now, they've got their eye on the prize with the introduction of the 2010 sedan based on the Kizashi 3 concept. They wanted a bigger, better space for a dynamic display and didn't get it. They're not completely over Detroit, but next year we expect the new Suzuki to make a splash in NYC. [Detroit News via eGMCarTech]

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