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There are people who express their displeasure over SUV’s by firebombing them. LA-based illustrator team Kozyndan has a kinder, gentler but altogether deadlier solution, involving giant sleeping rabbits.

You will know Kozyndan as the people whose lapine reimagining of Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, along with other rabbit-themed work, was used without credit by Sony for their similarly bunny-infused Bravia television ad.


The husband and wife team of Kozue and Dan Kitchens have a serious thing for rabbits. Not only does their work feature various terrestrial and marine rabbits, their proposal against the scourge of the SUV also utilizes giant rabbits. Here’s how they describe their above piece, titled Thank the gods for Public Transportation:

Everyone with SUVs should be crushed by giant sleeping rabbits until their eye balls pop out of their heads, no?

If you happen to own an SUV, please don’t take this personally. Admire instead the casual ease the giant rabbit snuggles up to the hot engine with.

Source: Kozyndan

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