Suspect Walks Away From Intense Police Chase Crash In Stolen Mercedes

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A police chase raged all over Los Angeles last night as LAPD chased a stolen Mercedes CLS driven by an armed suspect. The pursuit only ended when the suspect slammed directly into a dividing barrier and was flung halfway across a highway. Amazingly, the guy walked away from the wreck. Does he have that tank-like Benz to thank?

ABC7 reports that the hour-long chase started on the 110 Freeway near Exposition Park, when police saw the car speeding and realized it’d been reported stolen after running its license plate.

As you can see from these helicopter cameras, the CLS whipped through intersections and traffic extremely dangerously but successfully until inexplicably crashing head-on into what appears to be a divider between the highway lanes and an exit ramp.

As you can see from the clips, the energy-absorbing attenuator did its job pretty well as the driver is apparently healthy enough to put their hands out the window after the car is absolutely rekt.


The CLS settled in the middle of the 14 Freeway near Santa Clarita and was descended-upon almost immediately after the crash by closely following cop cars.

While the chase itself seemed to have been resolved without anyone getting killed, the aftermath traffic looked almost as hazardous– one local news reporter shared video of cars going the wrong way up on-ramps to escape gridlock, though it doesn’t look like any ancillary accidents happened as a result.

Stay safe out there, people.