Surprisingly Slick New Trafic Van Joins Renault's Wacky Cargo Lineup

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Renault raised a few eyebrows with its single-passenger Twizy Cargo microvan last year, but just proved they can still build a hauler that's sleek and useful with the redesigned Trafic.


Yes, the second "f" is intentionally absent (that would be "traffic" in francias) and I really do think this is one of the nicest looking cargo vans I've seen in awhile. Renault's chrome badge button-nose lets the face down a little, but if you look beyond that the shape of the grille and swoop of the headlights are really quite elegant.

...Or maybe I've just been staring at commercial vehicles too long.

The Trafic has been a mainstay of Renault's cargo lineup since 1980, and the redesign will launch in Europe later this year. 270 variants will be available in two different heights, two different lengths, panel van, crew-van, platform cab and passenger versions, as well as whatever conversion you can dream up from Renault Tech.

A downsized diesel engine under the hood will boost fuel economy up to 47 MPG in some versions.

The new Trafic joins the Kangoo, which looks like a first-gen Transit Connect and the Twizy Cargo, which you may remember is a variant of their inline-seated electric car. Twizy Cargo swaps the rear seat for a 6.35 cubic foot storage bay. Great for all those times you need about "one person's worth" of stuff moved 25 miles.


The electric Twizy Cargo has what Renault calls a "real-world" range of around 50 miles, fulling charging in three and a half hours off a standard (European) three-pin plug.


Renault reckons it's "perfect for diverse uses ranging from support or maintenance vehicles at sites such as sport venues, right through to parts and pizza deliveries." I don't really see much of an advantage over a scooter, besides a roof of course. But it certainly looks different.

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