SurfaceSound Compact Is a Bluetooth Speakerphone of a Different Flavor

In the overcrowded world of automotive Bluetooth speakerphones, innovation isn't all that common. But the SurfaceSound Compact has broken from the pack, defied the odds, and proved itself to be both intuitive and innovative. The speakerphone mounts conveniently on the visor. Rather than sporting unnecessary and complicated buttons simply pulling the mic down will activate the SurfaceSound Compact for use and sync it with your cellphone, once you have set up a connection.

Including rechargeable batteries ensures that cables aren't dangling everywhere, obstructing vision. The battery life is rated at 15 hours of talk time and 22 hours of standby time. It's available for $100. And I hate to admit it, but in this case I am geeky enough to be excited about a visor-mounted Bluetooth speakerphone. [Product Page via Giz]


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