Support Driving Dreams, A Documentary About The Best Cars Ever Built

Daniel Tomičić and Gianluca Migliarotti are currently crowdfunding a documentary about the people who created the most remarkable and visionary Italian car designs of all time. Help them!

Gianluca Migliarotti is an experienced director specialized for documentaries on Italian craftsmanship while Daniel Tomičić is an art historian and an obsessed petrol head. We've been to the same parties.


The pair claims to know "who to record, what to ask and how to make superb movie." Which they totally should. Time is short though. Not only because they need €110,000 and they only got 695 so far roughly a month before the crowdfunding ends, but also because the people they want to interview are getting really old. We need to hear their stories before they're lost forever.

Bertone might be bankrupt for now after more than a century of being awesome, but the men behind all those amazing cars are still out there, mostly in Italy.


Let these two hunt them down with their cameras!

Find out more about their proposal on Indiegogo.

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Bruno Martini

Well its a film for the rest of us interviewing artist who designed the cars. Art for arts sake. I give them two thumbs up.