Supercharged Lotus Exige S Coming to the US

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Finally. Lotus is sending its top-shelf hooch to the US, in the form of a superchargerd Exige S. The company anounced today that the near-supercar Exige is coming to the states in the form of a 220-hp version (a 16-percent lift from the base model). The coupe, which weighs in at 2,077 pounds, can get from zero to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds (nearly a second faster than the base model) and to 100 mph in 11 seconds, under the command of a six-speed tranny. Top speed is 148 mph. The model also gets variable-revs cam switching, by way of its T4e engine control system. For you? $56,990. Operators are standing by.

Lotus Launches Sport Exige GT3 Racer [internal]


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