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All 40 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 hypercars have already been sold, but the car made its first U.S. appearance June 11th at Los Angeles’ the Petersen Auto Museum and to celebrate, some of the hottest supercars in the city showed up and took over the parking garage.

(Image: Lamborghini)

A Petersen representative wanted me to remind you that the Centenario was designed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini. Of the 40 vehicles built, half will be hardtop coupes and half will be open-top roadsters. Supposedly every one has been bought and paid for at a little under $2 million a piece.


The car is V12-powered, with a seven-speed sequential gearbox and AWD. It’s rated to around 760 horsepower, 507 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 217 MPH with a standing-to-60 time of 2.8 seconds.

The Centenario was something spectacular to behold in person. Check out how my camera’s flash hit that carbon fiber! At least, when I finally got a glimpse of the car through the throng of humans trying to look at it.

Pretty as the Centenario was, there was so much more madness to see in the museum’s parking structure.

Then there was a whole other show just trying to get out of the garage.

That sign reads “Absolutely no revving, burnouts or aggressive driving. Don’t be the guy that ruins it for everybody.” I will say, a few guys tried to ruin it for everyone. But I didn’t hear the crunch of crashing, even though there was a bit of water on the road.

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