Supercars Dressed in Flat Black

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Our first impression when looking at these pictures of various supercars done up in flat black was "holy awesome sweetness!" But then we thought about it for a second. These cars have paint jobs from the factory costing tens of thousands of dollars. Does that make any sense? How much more menacing can an Audi R8 in flat black really be? We're wondering if what was once a cheap and individualist style has become a parody of itself. Poll below the fold.


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Raphael Orlove

The very first car to catch my eye was a flat black (flattened with age) 1970 Pontiac Firebird 400. My girlfrend even remembers that car. It never seemed to move. It just lay there, in wait, getting ready to eat some babies and roar off into the sunset, so yes, flat black rules. Shame about putting it on Versas and Porsches, though.