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In Part 1, I found the Ford GT's high-torque V8 pretty economical in traffic. But what was it we were saying about those Italian engineers and their appetite for Chianti? Well, like father like son, the creators of the F430 created a thirsty one. In spite of being the smallest, arguably most sophisticated and largely race-bred engine of the group, the Ferrari F430's 4.3-liter V8 was just not built with efficiency in mind. It's not like it had a struggle on its hands; traffic between Manhattan and New Jersey was a breeze compared to my day in the GT. Other than brief stints of stop-and-go traffic at the toll and the bridge, I was able to paddle my way to sixth gear quickly and coast along at 50 mph. When I left the club, the gauge read full, but I pulled over and topped up anyway, adding 2.2 gallons. After an even 30 miles round trip, even though the gauge still read full, I filled up on the very same pump and added 4.7 gallons! That's right, 6.4 mpg. Pathetic! So add $.50 /mile fuel cost to that $2/mile depreciation. Ahh... the price of race-bred perfection!


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