Illustration for article titled Super-Rare Dodge Sweptside Bides Its Time In Arizona Junkyard

A pickup truck with fins? The aptly-named 57Sweptside sent these in quite a while back, and now we can all bask in the junkyardy goodness that is Arizona. Make the jump to read 57Sweptside's description; once you're done looking at the gallery, head here to see all the photos.

These pics date back a year or two, but this yard in Phoenix is a car nut's dream (Desert Valley Auto Parts). With the absolute lack of rust (except on obviously Midwestern cars), the parts are nearly pristine. The crown jewel, in my book, is the 1957 Dodge Sweptside pickup. Yes, that's the limited production version with DeSoto wagon panels stuck to the bed. For $3500 I almost bit, but we all tell the same story with a different make/model. Here's info on the super-rare Sweptsides, which were stepside pickups with DeSoto station wagon fenders stuck on intended for the Lincoln Blackwood/Mark LT/Chevy Cameo crowd.


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