Super-Rare 1988 Cadillac Cimarron Won't Be Restored

According to the Wikipedia Cimarron page, only 6,454 1988 Cimarrons were made. Talk about rare!


These days, self-proclaimed "experts" might try to tell you that the Cimarron was just a Cavalier with a slightly more upscale (plastic) grille and leather seats, but pay them no mind. The Cimarron was actually a Firenza with grille and seat improvements! In another decade or two, Cimarrons will no doubt be regarded as an important chapter in automotive history and should be selling at Barrett-Jackson for top dollar. Sadly, this example (which I spotted in an East Bay wrecking yard) will have been melted down and converted into a Hongqi CA7300… which will also be considered a classic by that time.

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