Using technology and design together to create a hybrid supercar is Velozzi. The company claims the first working model indicates a 0-60 time of 3 seconds and 200 mph top speed. The car achieves anywhere from 100 to 200 mpg in normal driving conditions. The key to this high performance parallel hybrid is the micro-turbine. The super efficient engine is designed to run on any "heavy" fuel - such as diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, or ethanol. The micro-turbine acts as an onboard generator to charge the batteries. Low vehicle mass is achieved by use of space age polymers and composites, along with super-light lithium ion batteries. Velozzi wants people to buy green machines, and figures the best way to do that is give them something fun to drive. He also wants to make the technology non-exclusive and available to whoever wants to license it. Says Velozzi, himself: "We want to change the public perception that environment-friendly cars look like boxes and that they are under performing. It is not so!"

High Performance Electric Car Gets 200 MPG []; Velozzi []

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