What do you do if you design up a car for the ALMS series only to have rules changes make it obsolete before you can even put it on the track? Most people would scrap it, but Sundoulos repurposed it for street use. This would be just another nutty boutique car but for the power source. They could have dropped a standard V engine or even a high-strung inline job in there, but that's boring. How about two Harley V-engines coupled to a Corvette Getrag transmission by way of twin belt drives? Wacky. That would be enough to make it unique on it's own, but the proceeds from the car go to the Free Wheel Chair Mission (freewheelchairmission.org).

We're not quite sure how to handle this. Our nature is to mock and deride, but even we are forced to respect this project—although we're still weirded out by the sound of a Hells Angels rally coming from a race car though. [Sundoulos Sportstar]