Sudden Stop Helps Prevent Rear-End Accidents

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Getting rear-ended may never be your fault, but that doesn't mean it's not a pain in the ass to get a busted bumper fixed. One way to help avoid such situations is with a product like Sudden Stop, an array of ultra-bright LED lights that reside on the left and right sides of your license plate. Sudden Stop works by detecting G-forces, meaning it doesn't hook into your existing brake lighting system. If it senses a certain level of G-forces from you slamming on your brakes, the bright LED lights will flash and warn the driver behind; assuming they're not busy texting, it could provide enough advance warning to prevent a collision. The Sudden Stop is battery-powered and available for $30. [Product Page via TRFJ]


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@Tanshanomi: didn't Mercedes get a waiver for brakes lights that flash depending on severity of the stop? Could have sworn I read that. On high end S and SL's, if I recall.

But this is a great thing for those of us with vintage cars that are prone to being rear ended because the stock stoplights are too low or not brilliant enough to stop the average braindead commuter intent on running you over whilst arguing with wifey on the cell about how stupid their children are.

Doesn't require holes or extra wiring or giving up 6 volt. I say hurrah!