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Subaru's Tiny R1, Now With an "I"

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Japan is getting a tricked-out version of the Subaru keicar, the R1. By tricked out, we mean The R1i, as it'll be known, will actually be less trick than the base model. Yes, kids, it's another "value package," which substitutes a single overhead cam (SOHC) version for the R1's DOHC 0.66 liter motor. That would be like, say, using a rubber band from mom's 10,000-count "bag o' multicolored rubberbands" to power your balsa- plane, rather than the holding dad's shoebox of "old postcards" closed. Ok, not exactly — actually SOHCs are lighter and often get better torque at low engine speeds. Anyway, it comes with a set of 14" alloys. What? You got a problem with alloys?


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