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Things we know Bumbeck likes: StarQuests, Datsuns, Mission of Burma, pretty models and video games. Sadly, there were no Starions, Conquests or B210s, and Toyota sure as hell wasn't about to blast "Academy Fight Song" over the PA as they introduced the Yaris sedan. But over in the relative calm of the Subaru booth, there were pretty models. And one big freakin' video game: a fully-wired Petter-Solberg's-car simulator. He was lovin' the thing, and we think he especially liked it when the pretty model touched the steering wheel to set the game prefs. He was drivin' smooth and settin' fast times galore. Meanwhile, we got dizzy and contented ourselves with making donuts 'til the clock ran out.

Gran Turismo 4 Launches [Internal]


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