Subaru's Daddy Partners With Japanese Energy Heavy on Electric Cars

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There's a laundromat in Oakland, California, right 'round the corner from the old apartment of a girl we were all hot and bothered about around the turn of the century. It's called the 'Lectric Washhouse. Which is quite possibly the best name for a laundromat, ever. We heard there was a sighting of the girl in chichi Corte Madera the other day, but as for the Washhouse? It's still there, just as it should be. Oh, and Fuji Heavy Industries has partnered up with Tokyo Electric Power Co. to create a 'lectric car that'll run 50 miles on a 15-minute charge. Based on the Subaru R1 keicar, the new EVs will first be used as fleet vehicles by TEPCO. If all goes well, 3,000 of TEPCO's vehicles could be feeling the body 'lectric by 2008.

Subaru maker teams up with with power company on electric cars [Detroit News]

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