Subaru's Considering A Seven-Passenger SUV(?) And It Needs A Name

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Centauri. Cypress. Ascent. Meridian. Sojourn. Columbia. Any of those majestic-sounding words landing for you as a name for a new seven-passenger Subaru? A reader found himself asked that question in a Subaru owner survey and– wait, there’s gonna be a big Subaru?


Of course there hasn’t been any official announcements regarding a larger vehicle for Subaru’s lineup, and the company has “no comment” on this post.

A mid-size SUV makes plenty of sense for Subaru; their target demo loves the idea of “off-road” and middle-class Americans love to buy bigger. “Well, we need more space for the kids!”

I have no doubt Subaru could pull off a pretty competent peoplemover with that ground clearance we crave. Or imagine a Forester with low range? What we will probably not get is something like the Sambar microvan (pictured) but, uh, a boy can dream right?

Be interesting to see if anything comes out of this.


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