Two questions: 1. Are you living in the United Kingdom? and 2. Have you been meaning to buy a Subaru WRX or WRX STI?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then now's the time to get off your ass (or "arse" as you people call it) and buy one, because both cars are getting the axe there soon, according to this report in the UK's Auto Express.


Why is such an awesome car being discontinued? Because of insufficient demand for the base Impreza, says an unnamed spokesman who talked to Auto Express. That also means their WRX and STI stock won't be replenished.

As you probably know, Subaru launched a new Impreza last year, but they have yet to give us a WRX or STI version of that car. Here in the U.S., the previous generation soldiers on for now. A new one may arrive as a separate car from the Impreza at some point.


One bright spot: the Subaru source says they want to bring over more BRZs "to satisfy strong demand for that car," so at least you Brits have that going for you.

Photo credit Subaru