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Subaru With Tracks Opens Up New World of Hoonage

While driving up and down the street ripping e-brake turns in the snow while driving your Subaru Justy is cool and all, it ranks low on the old hoon-o-meter. Do the same thing with a set of Mattracks and an exhaust note reminiscent of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse raining down terror on civilization and the result is a bit different. Really, can winter life get any better? Subaru Justy. Tracks. Straight pipes. Snow. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaw! Next, tracked Justy attempts 60 mph kamikaze run through 10 foot snow drifts, accidentally jumps drift.


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Rob Emslie

That rocks! I would totally like to show up to the chain-inspection station on I-30 up to Big Bear in one of those.

Hell, I changed my mind; I want to pull up to the red carpet at the Oscars® in one, throwing twin rooster tails of snow.