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In 2011, Mark Higgins set a lap record of 19 minutes, 56.7 seconds on the public roads that make up the Isle of Man TT course, the world's most dangerous and insane racing circuit. Next month they're taking the 2015 WRX STI back to the Isle of Man to do it all again. And we'll be there.


Higgins's 2011 run wasn't just crazy fast, it was crazy dangerous. The Isle of Man TT is for people who should be committed. Riders come within millimeters of walls, and Higgins's run at the course had what he called the "biggest moment of my life." Take a look at it below.

Yeah, that's terrifying. Here's to hoping this year he goes faster and doesn't have a moment like that at all, especially because Subaru has invited us to come along this time to witness their latest attempt. Hopefully we don't end up shitting our pants during a huge tank slapper on public roads.



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