Subaru Teams With Harman-Kardon For In-Car Audio

Illustration for article titled Subaru Teams With Harman-Kardon For In-Car Audio

The R1e official unveiling dominated Subaru's press event yesterday, but a minor announcement was made that definitely caused my ears to perk up. Subaru is partnering with audio accessory maker Harman-Kardon to outfit the Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles with high-end sound systems.


Subaru is now joins the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz by hooking up with Harman-Kardon for premium audio systems. I couldn't be happier. In a day and age where aftermarket audio is dying off, it's important to seek out the top-of-the-line manufacturers to supply in-car audio systems.


I got a chance to sit in a 2009 Legacy outfitted with the Harman-Kardon system and the sound was nothing short of amazing.

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Rob Emslie

That'll be so much better than the COBY-branded stereo they had in the Justy.